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Hahnemanns Køkken is founded and fully owned by chef and food writer Trine Hahnemann. Trine has worked as a chef since the early 1990s. Cooking has always been close to her heart.

In 1995 Trine acquired her first catering company that specialized in on-tour catering to the rock music and film businesses. Trine has catered for artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Soundgarden, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, and a lot of Danish bands.

In 1997 Trine decided to specialize in the lunch business for private and public companies and founded Frokostkompagniet, which is now Hahnemanns Køkken. The company runs in-house canteens and restaurants with gastronomically high standards for private and public companies.

Hahnemanns Køkken works according to Trine’s principles about gastronomy, food culture, and sustainability. Trine has »hands on« in the day-to-day business, making sure that all clients are served in a flexible and individual manner. She has an important say within her team due to her strong gastronomic profile, but she also recognises the need for teamwork and cooperation. Good food is about good team spirit.

Hahnemanns Køkken does not tender for run-of-the-mill canteens, but rather seeks to offer individual solutions adapted to the particular client based on Hahnemanns Køkken’s concept. The love of food is not a cliché in Hahnemanns Køkken. We make food every day with love, and we know from experience how important and pivotal lunch is for a company’s staff.

We also acknowledge the importance of openness and dialogue. Our staff are trained to act responsibly and to be forthcoming with respect to all problems, big or small, that occur during any day. We are aware of the importance of »invisibility« – the services vital for the everyday business life of the client and its guests.

Out work follows three guidelines about gastronomy, food culture, and sustainability.

Gastronomy in Hahnemanns Køkken is about the quality of the produce, the joy of food, and creativity. It is, in particular, about the staff of our company: the chefs. They are artisans endowed with classical virtues such as care, and concern for detail. The chefs are the heart that creates food with love. Strong training, experience from good restaurants, and professional pride are common characteristics of our chefs and the foundation stone of Hahnemanns Køkken.

Food culture: being together around the meal reinforces personal relationships and daily networking. People who eat together usually eat only what they need, not too much, not too little. They eat a little bit slower and enjoy the food more. Societies with a strong food culture have healthier citizens. Employers, who are concerned effectively about what is served in-house and about staff’s lunchtime culture, have healthier and happier staff.

Sustainability: our policy is to source meat and fish locally, that pigs and chickens are free range, and we then let the season decide a large part of the menu. There will be root vegetables in winter, garfish in spring, strawberries in July, and everything in late summer. The local season always offers abundant and ready produce. Produce in season is usually the best buy, and most people could do anyway with less meat and dairy products. This means that quality, sustainability, and season together make a lot of economic sense.

In Hahnemanns Køkken, we apply a lot of gastronomic effort in cooking with vegetables. Our objective is to move the guests’ centre of attention away from any lack of meat and on to the experience of a full and good meal. We do this by preparing green dishes that have meat, cheese, or egg as supplement. We are thereby able to cut down on the consumption of meat and dairy products.

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